Map SAP function to Java

Use Java annotations to map the SAP function and its parameters to your Java classes. You only need to map those parameters which you really need.

Simple parameters are mapped to Java fields of simple types like int or String. Parameters of a complex type require you to implement a separate Java class.

Execute functions in SAP

When you have mapped an SAP function to Java, you can use Hibersap's small and effective API to actually call the function in the SAP backend.

If you already worked with modern O/R mappers like JPA, Hibersap's API should look familiar to you. You can also spawn transactions around multiple calls to SAP.

Configure Hibersap

To configure Hibersap you can either create an XML configuration file META-INF/hibersap.xml or configure Hibersap programmatically.

When using Hibersap with the SAP Java Connector you need to specify the JCo properties which will be passed on to the Java connector. When using Hibersap with a Resource Adapter the SAP systems are configured in the application server's JCA subsystem. Each Hibersap class which is annotated with @Bapi must also be listed here.