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Hibersap Reference Manual

The A to Z guide to Hibersap

Step by step example

Develop an example application step by step

Issues & Forums

Hibersap issue tracker

Submit issues and feature requests to the Hibersap issue tracker on GitHub

Hibersap Forums

Ask questions and share your ideas on the Sourceforge Hibersap forums


Hibersap GitHub repository

The Hibersap code base

Cuckoo Hibersap Example

Example Java EE application showing how to use Hibersap and the Cuckoo Resource Adapter for SAP in combination


Cuckoo Resource Adapter for SAP

Open source resource adapter compatible to the Java EE Connector Architecture (JCA) standard. Recommended if you use Hibersap in a Java EE application.

Apache Camel Hibersap component

Component to integrate Hibersap into your Apache Camel routes, by Björn Bength

JBoss Forge plugin

A JBoss Forge plugin to generate Hibersap classes to connect to a SAP system, by Max Schwaab

Blog on JBoss Forge plugin

Use JBoss Forge to generate Hibersap classes that call sap functions

JBoss Forge plugin screen-cast

A screen-cast on Vimeo showing how to use the JBoss Forge plugin

Papers & Presentations

Integrating SAP the Java EE Way

Presentation held by Carsten Erker on October 10th, 2012 at JBoss OneDayTalk conference in Munich

SAP Integration with Red Hat JBoss Technologies

Presentation held by Serge Pagop and Carsten Erker on October 2nd, 2013 at RedHat Partner Conference, Madrid

Gut zugeschnitten - Alternativen für die Integration von SAP-Systemen mit Java EE

Article in JavaSpektrum 6/2014 by Torsten Fink and Carsten Erker (in German)

Hibersap - JCo with Pleasure

Article in Java Magazin 9/2010 by by Torsten Fink and Carsten Erker (in German)

Other Resources

Sap R/3 JCo with Camel

Blog about integrating Hibersap with the Apache Camel component, by Warmuuh

Lombokized Hibersap

Blog about using Hibersap with Project Lombok, by Warmuuh