A new site for Hibersap

Posted by Carsten Erker on

Today we are launching the new Hibersap site. The new site is hosted on GitHub and is baked with Awestruct while most of the content is edited using AsciiDoc.

After moving the Hibersap code base and issue tracking away from Sourceforge to GitHub this is the logical next step to make it much easier for you to contribute to the code and docs. Because it is also much easier for us to deploy changes to the site we are now able to update the docs much more often.

We think the new site also does a much better job in presenting the Hibersap project, with a general overview, examples, a detailed step-by-step example, a news blog (which you are reading right now), a detailed overview of further resources and an updated reference guide.

Thanks go out to GitHub and the many cool open source projects that helped us get the site up and running: Awestruct, ZURB Foundation, Font Awesome and Slim. Special thanks go to the Asciidoctor project which offers a great toolchain making it real fun to work on documentation!