Hibersap 1.3.0 released

Posted by Carsten Erker on

We are happy to announce the Hibersap 1.3.0 release!

The artifacts for the new Hibersap version can be found in Maven central.

Hibersap now supports deep structures / tables in import and export parameters! Also, we introduced a workaround for the runtime file name check problem in the latest SAP JCo versions.

Here are the changes for Hibersap 1.3.0:


[14] - Support deep Structure Parameters (thanks to lyca)

[26] - Change dependency to SAP JCo 3 to work with newer JCo versions

[24] - Change class mappings from class to fqn-String)

[15] - Log java.library.path


[22] - NPE in JCAMapper


[27] - Update dependencies

For details see the Hibersap issue tracker